So chilly but still dreaming of October 

Hello there dearies

It’s the second day  of September and its chillier then a witches tit out, wanted to try be go swimming this weekend but alas since its so gray and chilly out I didn’t get the chance but the chance to spend the time with two of the people i love the most though and thats the main thing

It maybe chilly out but I’m still dreaming of october and Samhain (hallowen), its my fave holiday and always will be already have me fall decorations out -what little i do have of them  and my Samhain  decor which is also my fall decor-  i dug them out of my witchy totes -which is said it fits in a drawer all of it does –  hopefully this month and next month will be my months in finding a new job my fingers are crossed i hope i can find something soon.

I hope all is well with everyone out in the world today and hopefully where it is summer in parts of the world enjoy it have fun be silly have fun in the sun and in the water.

I got some spooky reading to chance up on 

Brightest blessings 





Hello dearies 
It’s only the 8th of aug and I’m getting worried about my girlfriend she is going on for a hysterectomy tomorrow and  like I said I’m worried about her 

I hope things go well for her 
Fingers crossed 

Brightest blessing 


small town living growing up

hello dearies,


well just read an article about the town i grew up in for a big chunk of my life and i tell you what small town living is not as cracked up to be and growing up there can either break you or make you or a combination of the two.


I’m sorry but i can only speak for myself  but my hometown is not that great  (im sorry guys but no), too small everyone knows everyone and all their businnes no matter how much you try to keep it well private and everybody knows who is dating who. it neither rocks or sucks.


in my opinion dearies nothing against small town living or suburban living, for this witch its not and wasn’t a happy experience. at the time i was at odds with everyone, didnt fit  stuck out like a sore thumb. Small town living isnt for everyone. To be honsent moving out was one of the best things i could have done i havent even been back and never looked back.

in some ways i do have an old soul but not in the ways most people think. I dont want the small town i dont need that i had that and i hated it. it kind of fourced me to see who i really am and why i didnt fit in those all those super nice folks, the normalcly of it all is not comforablte the boxed up feeling.


and at times suffocateing, ive thought about going back there maybe starting a family (and yes At one time i did think i would go back and start a family there and have kids in the school system there) but not anymore cant stand it  the thought of it. my cousins were teased (or so says a family member), Yet i defend them and stood up for  their grandma (my uncle’s mom love that woman to bits). Knowing that but not knowing if it were true or not. And knowing that I am the way i am with the colorful hair and the witchy wiccan pagany ways, my kids when i do have them would be builled for the mere fact that their different and their mom is different and that their dad is different well in the future tense of it all mind you. And in all honesty i dont give a flying fuck who you think you are you make fun of someone or their kids you need something checked out in your brain pan.

i didnt belong, and it was made known that i didnt, by the name calling the bulling being pushed around in elemarty school, then just for wearing a native amercain inspired bracelet being called a Navajo with a strong inpsahes on the last two sysables of the word  as “ho” by a high schooler and a few others in the same grade  thinking it was funny as fuck. it hurt me it cut deep it made me cry when i got home that  just for the mere fact that i am 8th Cherokee, i feel connected to them my cherokee ancators and that someone would make fun of another tribe and make fun of me for wearing something that i thought was beautiful.


i know  the whole thing “oh kids will be kids its what they do”. No the fuck it isnt im soul sick of people sayig oh kids will be kids  or boys will be boys, its not ok to make fun of someone just for that  or to push around someone who is fucking different. This is why i will say small town living is not all it cracked up to be, we must see that kids can be mean little assholes to other kids. no matter what age they are, they need to be raised right and told hey its not ok to bully someone for being different or liking something that is different what they like, and to stand up for not only themselves but for others as well.



some people love the small towns that they live in more power to ya happy for ya but its not for everyone and that includes myself.

thats just my thoughts on the matter and everything



brightest blessings





missing the one of the best in music

hello there dearies



its been a few weeks since ive posted and sad news Chester from linkin park passed away a week ago on the 20th im sure all of you have heard it by now, and for someone like me  and my ex-boyfriend (more on that news in another post unless ive posted about it already) well more me then him  but he is a fan of the band more so then i am but for me im taking it a little harder then what he is since i am a music junkie and everything and being sick myself today thought i would make a post and get everything out  for the most part.  Itds kind of a big deal for me, and not even a month before on/day before my birthday i found that My favorite bands H.I.M is breaking up after 26 years of being together then of course the drummer Gas Lipstick leaving last year. god now ill never get to see either band live.

Its so sad that Chester passed being playing their music off and on, listening to them now. Dont know why it is affecting me as much as it is but i guess like most i grew up hearing them on the radio and the more i heard the more i liked what their songs had to say  at the time i started  listening to them. I guess i was about 14-15. I was a very angry teenager at the time when i turned to rock music.


i cant imagine what its like for his wife and kids losing someone you love your best friend your lover your husband and the father of your kids, and the kids losing their father, its so much harder then anything in this world could be so much more painful. and his bandmates losing a friend and a bandmate. Words cant even fully expalin that pain or the saddness one feels when something like this happens


one light has left this world and the world is less brighter for it and the hurt,anger and the pain felt over that cant ever be explained and the ache and the hole is left where that person was  will almost always hurt and bee felt years after they are gone. it will ease but it will remain



hopefully chester has found peace my only wish is to bring him back to his family so they wont have to hurt and the hurting can stop………….



R.I.P chester you are missed and you will be missed





i am grateful for your music and what you brought into this world though your music and the kindness and love that you have shown the world, and all the souls you have touched with your lyrics and music and my heart goes out to your family friends and bandmates  and to all the fans who are hurting and sadden just like i am from the news of your untimely death. thank you chester and thank you to your bandmates for being one of the great bands that made such great music. Blessed be and till we meet in the here after for a good laugh and a good song


always thepinkwitch




My thoughts 

Hello dearies, 

Yes yes yes I know I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything of the sort and I’m sorry😢
Sitting here at work before I clock on thinking about things, life , and other things. Like for one I really don’t like my workplace. 

Now I know slot of people don’t like their jobs any more then what I do. A few reasons as to why even though I’ve been here for a year and 8 months besides the fact even though it provides me a steady paycheck, is the almost consent stream of bullshit and drama from coworkers and the roumors that fly around this place like it’s fucking high school ( and yes I do know that can happen any where so it happens but in adult setting)

The consent stream of people quitting/ walking out or getting fired/ nocall noshows, the lack of real mangers that actually give a damn about their employees and actual work ethic. The consent stream of days where we are always short two or three people and we have to do two or more stations. I’ve had it up to my random colored with it all. 
And the list goes on and on,  as it always does am I happy that I have a job ? Yes and no. am I happy that I miss things that are important to me ? Fuck no. Am I thankful that I’m getting paid ? Well yes but at the risk of loseing who I am as a person and my sanity ? Nope not even in the slightest