candle making obsession

hello there dearies,



well , my latest obsession is candle making. I’ve been making a whole bunch here of late  and i’m happy doing it. It feels good after looking for a candle making kit for a few years now. thank you hobby lobby for having the candle making kit in stock.


it came with three votive molds, but also i have a couple of items I’ve also been using for molds like the three dishes that has three little bowls that are attached together and was meant to be used for like bean or cheese dip, but we had used it as a kitty food dish and had stopped using it as such and then i thought hey since we dont use for the kitties no more since we have better ones for them i can use it t0 make candles. thats what i have been using it as lol.


the other day i went to hobby lobby again, i got more wax and some oil for the candles -Lilac- and some bow tie things to keep the wicks from falling into the wax while inside the molds and i got a tall skinny mold. i’ve been having so much fun with it.


im thinking about selling them too.



tell me what y’all think.





brightest blessings









today was good

Hello there dearies,


Back again. this might be a short post for today but that is ok though. Today was a very good day got to go to my all time favorite local pagan shop.

was good to see the owner today picked up two candles one for the thorat charka and one for the goddess isis one of my parton goddess  and a necklave with qurtaz and charka beads and a green agate thought the agate was pretty and it spoke to me so yeah lol


overall it was a good day the weather was nice till this evening all rainy and wet  but need the rain for the green stuff to grow. im finally happy that it is getting warmer out means i get to enjoy the warm weather on my days off when i get them.

i miss wearing flip flops lol


but anyways hope yall have a good night


brightest blessings









Still alive 

Hello dearies, 
I’m still here and I’m still alive and kicking. Life has well gotten in the way of many things inculding this unfortunately.
Work, well for lack of a better word, a royal pain. Seems like it’s loading people left and right, not fun when the people who keep  leaving or worse works the same shift as you do. 
But my store is getting a coke freestyle machine hopefully it’s up and running today. I’m super excited about that. They had started getting everything ready on Sunday and hopefully got it all installed last night. Hey anything that gets my butt off early is alright by me. I’m just kidding. But since we were slow and I actually couldn’t do my job fully without getting in the people’s way of putting in the freestyle machine it was best that I just stayed out of the way. 

Pretty much what happened is that I helped out the rest of my crew that I work with. Yeah super exciting stuff Lol 
I lead such a boring life lol

Hopefully I’ll be writing more here soon

Brightest blessings 

The pinkwitch


Hello there dearies,

Yeah I know haven’t been posting like I said I would life has… Well been… Life, as stuipd as that may sound truely life had been random at best. 
My mom had been in the hospital since Monday for a total right knee replacement surgery and of course she had the same thing done last year done to her left knee.

But normally she would have been home by now but unfortunately complications with her lower instine and blood pressure has kept her in the hospital to now. She still isn’t home they gave her something to help with the gas on Friday and everything it only helped her a little bit but alas she is still there chilling like a villain.  

I’m worried, yes, very much so to the point the only time I eat is when I’ve already gotten to work or a little something that we have had here at the apartment which has only been like three times so far that when I’ve been at home.
Unfortunately, I have felt like I’ve been on the go since Monday night and haven’t been able to even slow down to catch my breath. 
I feel like I’m always on edge, so much so I’m more easily frightened by things or people. I don’t even know myself anymore now, which I don’t know even if I have known myself. I knew what I was or who I was a year ago and today I don’t even see myself anymore I don’t even see the witch I once was. I know she is still there reaching out, crying out for me to come back to ……. Reconnect to her  and I’ve forgotten her neglected her so much so I’ve lost my way back to her and to the ones I hold dear and it hurts so much so that i might be losing the few I do truely care about because of it. And honestly I don’t know how to fix it, and I need help.

What should I do? How do I fix this ? How do I change? Or undo all of this blockage?

Cause I honestly don’t know how 
Brightest blessings



Missing another pop culture icon

Hello there dearies,

It’s another start for a new week but last week we lost yet another pop culture icon, prince. 
It’s sad when we lose someone we all grew up listening too from a young age. He like Michael was an icon and it’s a sad day that the world lost a great musician. 
Prince made great music and he will be missed greatly by fans, friends and family. I know that I will miss him and the work he has done.
Though it is hard to say goodbye to anyone, it just happens when those we look up too and with those we love, when their time comes, we have to say goodbye to them.

I’ll leave you with this as my way to say goodbye to the purple one :

 ” I hope to see you laughing in the purple rain” – prince, purple rain
Brightest blessings


The pink witch 

Weird weather 

Hello there my dearies,

It’s 52 here with a 30% chance of rain today I swear the Mother Nature is being bi polar  right now here in Ohio 
Man we do have some weird weather here  and at some point this week we also have a chance of snow  not real happy about that

Next week my weather app on my phone is saying it’s gonna be in the 70s yeah crazy weird weather
But that’s nothing new for Ohio though 
That’s what I get for living here lol 

Brightest blessings 


It’s been crazy

Hello dearies,

Sorry about my 10 month absentence, it’s been crazy busy around here in thepinkwitch household.
I got a new job last year in November, it’s been 4 months all is going well with the new job it’s wasn’t what I was expecting but I like the people I work with and for so all is good.

It’s Already 2016 and we are already in our third month of the new year. It’s been crazy, but it’s all good really good 😜
Bright blessings 

Brightest blessings 


Life is just …,well just random and very weird at times (update)

hello dearies

Sorry for my month long absent from the blog, life has been random and just a touch weird, but getting it sorted out and back to half being an adult and doing what needs to be done on the days I have set aside for myself to do them in and the other half getting back to the blog and all of you and shareing this weird life of mine with you

but other than that its been ok with its ups and downs and side winds and weird looping curves. life is weird like that. unfrontly I didn’t get the job that I had the interview that I had back in march but that’s ok im still hunting up some more jobs still looking  as awalys I haven’t given up yet.

I do have a bit of good news that I haven’t shared with you yet, back in march on the 25th, my long time boyfriend proposed to me and I said YES!!! im super happy and her and I are now engaged :-). And our rings match mine is a sliver color with light celtic etching in the band and his as the same celtic design but with a blue inlay as the background to make the design pop more and it matches the color of my nail polish that im currently wearing which is rather funny and super cute at the same time, that’s my bit of good news even though its a month old now lol sorry for the delay but such as life. and also I have a pintrest borad going of wedding ideas thankfully that I had started befor he poped the questionlol I had started for giggles  but now im glad I did tart it when I did :-).

Welp dearies back to the job hunt, have a great week and weekend

brightest blessings



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