My thoughts 

Hello dearies, 

Yes yes yes I know I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything of the sort and I’m sorry😢
Sitting here at work before I clock on thinking about things, life , and other things. Like for one I really don’t like my workplace. 

Now I know slot of people don’t like their jobs any more then what I do. A few reasons as to why even though I’ve been here for a year and 8 months besides the fact even though it provides me a steady paycheck, is the almost consent stream of bullshit and drama from coworkers and the roumors that fly around this place like it’s fucking high school ( and yes I do know that can happen any where so it happens but in adult setting)

The consent stream of people quitting/ walking out or getting fired/ nocall noshows, the lack of real mangers that actually give a damn about their employees and actual work ethic. The consent stream of days where we are always short two or three people and we have to do two or more stations. I’ve had it up to my random colored with it all. 
And the list goes on and on,  as it always does am I happy that I have a job ? Yes and no. am I happy that I miss things that are important to me ? Fuck no. Am I thankful that I’m getting paid ? Well yes but at the risk of loseing who I am as a person and my sanity ? Nope not even in the slightest 


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