candle making obsession

hello there dearies,



well , my latest obsession is candle making. I’ve been making a whole bunch here of late  and i’m happy doing it. It feels good after looking for a candle making kit for a few years now. thank you hobby lobby for having the candle making kit in stock.


it came with three votive molds, but also i have a couple of items I’ve also been using for molds like the three dishes that has three little bowls that are attached together and was meant to be used for like bean or cheese dip, but we had used it as a kitty food dish and had stopped using it as such and then i thought hey since we dont use for the kitties no more since we have better ones for them i can use it t0 make candles. thats what i have been using it as lol.


the other day i went to hobby lobby again, i got more wax and some oil for the candles -Lilac- and some bow tie things to keep the wicks from falling into the wax while inside the molds and i got a tall skinny mold. i’ve been having so much fun with it.


im thinking about selling them too.



tell me what y’all think.





brightest blessings









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