Hello there dearies,


back again after a few more months away im sorry for that

but been in search of myself for a little bit now been feeling a touch lost as of late. i honestly dont know what im doing with my life at the moment just chilling for a few i guess, im still alive and kicking i guess for the most part 🙂 i guess thats the main thing :-).

life has been weird  here lately, not this past week but the week before i was sick and had to miss work for about a damn week but it was bronchitis wasn’t to happy about that i finally kicked it but then i had gotten an ear infection on top of that  still haven’t kicked that yet but im working on that as we speak lol. And while i was sick i had one of the weirdest dreams i have had in my whole life.


i had fought the greek god zeus and abosred all of his power. Yeah makes no sense right ? but anyways that was just weird. but this weekend the weather has been super awesome we have been warm up here in ohio yay im so happy about that im weird  and this up coming week im going to be happy because its gonna be warm again whooooo.


im so sick of this  lame ass cold weather !



i hope yalls weekend is going alright  and you are all enjoying this lovlely warm weather we are having i know i am



brightest blessings