Still alive 

Hello dearies, 
I’m still here and I’m still alive and kicking. Life has well gotten in the way of many things inculding this unfortunately.
Work, well for lack of a better word, a royal pain. Seems like it’s loading people left and right, not fun when the people who keep  leaving or worse works the same shift as you do. 
But my store is getting a coke freestyle machine hopefully it’s up and running today. I’m super excited about that. They had started getting everything ready on Sunday and hopefully got it all installed last night. Hey anything that gets my butt off early is alright by me. I’m just kidding. But since we were slow and I actually couldn’t do my job fully without getting in the people’s way of putting in the freestyle machine it was best that I just stayed out of the way. 

Pretty much what happened is that I helped out the rest of my crew that I work with. Yeah super exciting stuff Lol 
I lead such a boring life lol

Hopefully I’ll be writing more here soon

Brightest blessings 

The pinkwitch


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