Life is just …,well just random and very weird at times (update)

hello dearies

Sorry for my month long absent from the blog, life has been random and just a touch weird, but getting it sorted out and back to half being an adult and doing what needs to be done on the days I have set aside for myself to do them in and the other half getting back to the blog and all of you and shareing this weird life of mine with you

but other than that its been ok with its ups and downs and side winds and weird looping curves. life is weird like that. unfrontly I didn’t get the job that I had the interview that I had back in march but that’s ok im still hunting up some more jobs still looking  as awalys I haven’t given up yet.

I do have a bit of good news that I haven’t shared with you yet, back in march on the 25th, my long time boyfriend proposed to me and I said YES!!! im super happy and her and I are now engaged :-). And our rings match mine is a sliver color with light celtic etching in the band and his as the same celtic design but with a blue inlay as the background to make the design pop more and it matches the color of my nail polish that im currently wearing which is rather funny and super cute at the same time, that’s my bit of good news even though its a month old now lol sorry for the delay but such as life. and also I have a pintrest borad going of wedding ideas thankfully that I had started befor he poped the questionlol I had started for giggles  but now im glad I did tart it when I did :-).

Welp dearies back to the job hunt, have a great week and weekend

brightest blessings




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