well this month is just gone

Hello dearies,

January is about to be fully over  and February is just around the corner along with imbolc which im gathering some info  for my witches hollow grove blog but its been super slow since i got sick this time last week and then  got a sinus infection on Sunday and i still have remnants of the cold with the sinus infection as the cherry on this cold yuck sundae.

other than all that i have been ok thus far and this year was off to a semi- decent start  but though a few negative things have been tossed in for-well for a lack of a better way to put- shits and giggles i have been trying to remain positive and keep that everything has  different ways of affecting people, and what will be will be, i just to keep my head up and not become a downer and have a negative outlook of myself,and the world around me  and just keep looking at the world with that same sense of wonder and awe that i always do.

All i can really do is just be me and be myself and just be postivie about things and keep my eyes and mind open

brightest blessings




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