its been awhile

hello dearies,

It has been awhile since ive last posted, its now December and i really don’t remember when i really last posted.

life has been this weird miss mash of events since october and it seems like this year is going by way to fast. its almost strange really, I had broncais on all hallows eve and that lasted for about a week and a half,  which is never fun. just been trying to keep straight the best i can since it seems novmber was a bit of a blur, and now it seems decmember is rolling by slowly  now which im good with cause i dont want it to be next year already.

Other than that im doing ok so far right now im not sick anymore thank the gods im over that crap and that it only took a week and a fing half to get over it, just tryomg to keep my head up and stay postivie but i have my days where im down  and everything but i know that everything will turn out allright at the end of the day.

with everything thats been going on in the world today i know how hard it is to remain postisive  but every dark cloud has its sliver lining and be thankful for all the good thats in our lives already like  our famliys are healthy, we are still alive and breathing and kicking ass and taking names every day, even though  there are alot of things that say you only live once, but you live every single day though you are only given the current lifetime that you are living now but you live everyday, and its about making everyday count and not letting the haters and bullies get you down  cause in the end they really dont matter they are only unhappy with their own lives and only see the negtaivie that their own unhappiness has brought them and they are taking it out on those around them,  ignore them and always be yourself because you are the brightest and most undiue star in the sky, so be a star and your own firework  and light up the darkness with your light, and dont be sorry about your weirdness embrace your beautiful weirdness 😀

brightest blessings




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