Hello there easier way to create/10 class reuonion/ Finiding the most awesome care bear in the world (my world)

Hello Dearies,


 Yes I know long time to talk, but im here now  do you still like me ? i hope so cause i like you all  cause you are  AWESOME!…..OK  its  a little early to all caps but still you guys are awesome, and since it has been awhile since ive posted (yes shame on me im such a bad girl) im noticing the easier way to create on word press  during the posting /typing process here i like the sleek desgin they gots going on ( if you haven’t  started that yet its ok its pretty you’ll like it  if not, the classics (and classic mode) live on forever (-:).

Apart from this sleek new design  (WordPress im loving it btw  its awesome just like You and all my readers (hey guys)<3), you all know me as my silly dorky, sometimes bitchy bitching about random stuff, but still postisve self  that i am,if you havent met me hi im a dork lol,  but anyways tomorrow (Saturday Ohio time lol ) i have my 10 year class at J.D. legends,  And well dearies Im  a bit nervous about it, and  we haven’t had our 5 yr Reunion but  besides that and being nervous about it im also excited  too because i haven’t seen a lot of my class mates in 10 years  ( though i have found a few of them on Facebook and i am Facebook friends  with them ) and everything like that , what im a little nervous about is i don’t know what to except from a class reunion, and that frightens me a little bit since this is my first one and my boyfriend wont be able to join me since he is out on the road, So i’ll have to do this  alone, but not really alone alone but you know what i mean though, I’ll have to do this by myself as myself  or the person that i have become after  high school and 2 years of college and meeting my boyfriend  and all, its just that i know im not the same person i was in high school but will my classmates see that  though, and that freaks me out a little bit if they will see that i am different  from that derpy, some what loner gothy,wiccan girl from high school ( and yes i was goth in high school still am, but i am a causal goth and yes that is a real thing and of course im still wiccan (;), So yeah that’s whats mainly on my mind about the reunion  but i am looking forward to it and i am super excited about it  but my super excited has a tent of nervous to it because high school was a tiny bit awkward for me. But what high school experience for anybody inst  really when you think about it full.



But alas  it is time to move on to a new topic  whoooooooo, time to be light hearted and silly willy  and stuff yo! ok well on Wednesday this past week since it is now Friday TGIF Y’all! ok  well this past Wednesday we went to goodwill to find  some pots for candle making and all and we did find two  which is very cool and we found the best care bear in the world ( well in my eyes he is ) we found good luck bear he is my fave one of all time  and we got him he is like super duper hard to find  and ive been looking for him for abut a few years now and ive only found him like three times in stores over the yrs . You can find all the other care bears easy peasy lemon squeezey but not good luck bear. Im like super happy that we found him and yes i know i may be a bit old for a stuffed animal and a care bear at that but its good luck bear people !  and i already have tons of plushies  yes im a big kid at heart  lol 😀  hey i love my little pony  lol





welp dearies it has come to the end of our time together ( at least for today that is ) and i shall return and post more ( i promise )  have a wonderful Friday



Brightest blessings









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