Hello dearies.  ( yes i know its been three months but life happens you know)


Due to unforeseen (and unwanted updates for the ipod i currently own and cracked screen brought to me from my very own wand from the previous mercey retrograde)  The podcat app on my old fart of an iPod had to be deleted( and after such time only had three  out of  the 22 podcasts that im subscribed too)  and to my surprise after meany attempts to download again after  the fact my old fart ipod is well an old fart  with its nasty ios 6.1.6 os system in place  and the podcast app now being ios 7.0 i had to get crafty (and rather smart ), and got onto  my itunes on the laptop to well you know  re get all 22 pod-casts plus 13 more pod casts  through iTunes. bloody hell old fart ipod you are no longer as awesome as you used to be with your old fart ios 6.1.6 (and no siri) and now two cracked camera eyes and cant log into my YouTube without bitching at me  So i say fuck you after you erased all of my muisc and left me with only 3 podcasts bah! i tell you bugger off until i want to use you again  ( which is only at night when i use my sleepbot app )


Now onto other news  folks, My ass is back after 3 months of being a damn  no show, 3 Months!  what the hell is wrong with me!, I havent forgotten about you i swear!  Ok ok, now that im back i have a few updates one of them well is the ipod its an old fart as you well now know of it being an old fart, Curttley i am now a blonde with teal  colored front and side ( on my right side same side as my new nose ring…… well stud)  and yes you read right there dearies i got my nose stabed with a nose stud  for my b-day( i am now 28 yrs old and do i feel it lol not relly but some days i feel old)  and my boyfriend is currently on the road, ( he became a truck driver ) and is somewhere in down south the state where them peaches come from ( you know what state im talking about too (Georgia!)yep)……… Oh almost fogot we also have  new kitten named toby he is 8 weeks old will be 9 weeks tomorrow (on monday) lol yeppers


the title has it  itunes,hair dye ( the brief update)





toby is black and white  kitten and is sleeping with his big sister (my furbay) kisses









brightest blessings