Hello dearies ,



It is I, Thepinkwitch,  It  is past  Ostara and the renewal of spring and the new growth of all life is coming  and starting  to show  hopefully in the coming weeks, But alas that is not so for some of us , Myself incudle, meaning that I am going to have to start all over again and start anew, Somthing  that i was really not wanting to do  with my schooling.



Alas my dearies  twis be true, I have to start all over again,Something Im not really looking forward because after this month, All my hours from doing my clinic hours and my 2 yrs and 8 thosand some odd  in loans will be worth, will mean NOTHING!, …. at the end of this month, I have already lost  some of my hours I just dont know how much of my hours i have lost, I am feeling very defeated right now  Dearies  And I feel so lost  and with nowhere to turn  too in my schooling , And i cant go back until I  pay off the loans  with no job  or money to my name my only option is to find a denct  paying job and  pay it all back and in full.



Talk about feeling really defeated  My dearies, My dream and hopes of  doing what i love -hair-  have hit a wall of no money and loans to pay and no job to pay those loans back, I’m defeated for the moment until i pay those loans back and  find a job  until then I dont know what to do until I find that  job that will help me pay those loans back. I dont know if i am truely defeated  in fulfuling my dreams and hopes  of doing what i love I wont know Until I find out more  of what i can do to turn this all around for myself there must be a sliver lining soe where in my dark clouds that i am just not seeing right now at in this moment in time, until then  say a little paryer, keep your fingers crossed,dot your i;s and send some  good engery vibes my way  for i am in some need  of a little pick me up



thank you all  for following my blog and me thourgh  my daily adventures   i will be back with more  though out my days in years on this earth




blessed be my dearies may your days be filled with love,hope and the brightest of blessings







Brightest blessings