Hello there dearies,


*sighs*   let the weirdness of this life begin,this year started off  with the new year’s ball dropping and alot of glitter and confetti and fireworks  all over the world, Ive been  keeping myself busy  with looking for work and taking care of the furbaby. She got fixed  just last week  and she is doing alot better  and her  sugery spot is healing up nicely.


This year is being a bit weird,  but  other then its  little bit of weirdness  and few famous people   going up to the summerlands  Hopefully  their journey up to the summerlands was a very peaceful one. My life has been busy, Like i said,  looking for work, Got back into  reading a bit more books now  hopefully I can make my goal of reading at least 400 books this year i have already gotten two down  which isnt alot  but anyways its a one of the goals  for this year, the other goal is to get a job   im keep my fingers crossed that i will get a job this year  and i will starting selling   a few of the candles from my jewelry in candles shop  and my 3ed goal  that i have is to pass my state broads this year, I feel like this year is gonna be a good year  for me and my boyfriend  I just got to keep my head up and pushing forward and working hard


Im sorry that i havent been keeping up wtih both blogs I will do better within the coming months






Brightest  blessings