oh the white horror of……………. Snow

Hello there dearies,


thepinkwitch here in the new year, well hiya there dearies so glad to see that we all surived yet another year together and now its time to get back to work,  not wanting to get up or wake up and stay all warm and comfy and going out in the white horror of snow cover streets, driveways,and highways. while the kids play in it merrylie……( though i dont have little ones of my own i do remeber how much fun snow was when i was a kid ).



As the snow keeps coming down, i keep thinking when is this white stuff gonna go away, and how much havoc its reeking on my skin ugh i dislike this cold wishing for spring and summer getting closer faster is keeping me sane…..for now…lol. my new years was spent at home with my cute fourleged fur baby and my mom, i cleaned and cleansed my altar and everything on it and cleaned and cleasned all the stones that i have and come full moon time my stones,and all four of my tarot decks are gonna sit in the window and get some moonshine and then some sunshine.


As it being the 2ed day of the new year my hope is that this new year will be loads better then the last year,hopefully things will get much better, Though i tend not to make new year’s resolutions i just may make a few this year to keep my mind lean and mean (in a good way)  first  one is to read more, 2ed one is to blog and vlog more and the 3ed for right now is to keep up on my JIC and Kisty lane stuff  and  fourth is to keep searching for jobs, and the fifth one is to remanin and stay postive, and the 6th and final one for right now is to keep up and stay current and be more ative in the paranormal and in wicca. thats what i have so for as far as resolutions go hopefully this year will be very furitful for me and keeps me fairly busy with everything and all 🙂




I hope this year will be everything that you guys and gals wish for and much more  :-D. Well thats it for me  dearies, Have a Safe,healthy, and happy New Year



Brightest Blessings,












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