hello dearies,


Ugh i really dislike doing this to you guys, i might lose some followers on her for doing it but its all about selling  and everything like that ya know but you got to do what you got to do.


Ok, a little background for ya, I’ve been doing Jewerly in candles and this other online store thing since about septmeber or october of this year and i have been trying to get some sales and everything like that and i’ve been posting all over the place, you know on facebook,twitter, and on google+  those main three well im always alomst on them at all times (mainly facebook  and youtube (which is concreted to my google+ and i have 3 different channels on there)and on twitter half the time  as the other two).



Ok, since you have all of that, i have been have some trouble trying to get some sales going from reglaur clients, both are kinda of like avon and i did avon before  so here i am thinking it will be like that, well my thinking it would be a little bit like that was pure bull,lol, its a little bit tougher then i thought it would be  and i’ve been trying but i feel like that im not trying harder enough and its driving me crazy  that i havent been making any sales  and i know that people dont have money to be spending  even with after the hoildays  ya know. So im a little furstied with it and i really dont know what im gonna do with  either one of them after the new year since it hasnt even been that long with either of them.


I dont know if it is something im doing wrong with them or if my apparoch is wrong with trying to get people to buy, cause i really dont like bugging people endless about this stuff like the little kiosks  people  do at the mall cause i know that gets annoying very fast and most people either ingore them or dont have to money to buy the stuff they are sellling and im one of those people who do/are both ingoreing them and dont got the funds to buy they stuff they are selling, Which brings me to my next point right here.



im asking you guys  to take a look at both of my online stores, im not gonna twist y’all’s arms and make you buy anything , both stores may  have something that both genders will like or maybe you will find something that you’ll like or any boyfriends,sons daughters,girlfriends, aunts,uncles, or any family you can think of at this ponit and time, the frist store is my jewrely in candles shop, the candles  are made  of  100% natural soy wax,  the candles radiate vivid scents that not only arouse delightful memories but provide a long-lasting aroma that indulge you into serenity and they burn cleanly in your home.  they come in tart and jar form as you can tell from the photos below christmaswreath_tart-450x450Christmas-Wreath-450x450

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