random fun days

hello dearies,




had some random fun days while my friend from cali was up here in Ohio for some sad business which is  no fun no matter who it is i should know  ive had some sad stuff go down in march of this year and that was not fun and the family xmas gathering wasn’t the same and was the first without the person there nor will it be after this year though it may suck, but its all in how you deal with it you know.


xmas is fairly ok this year really got a few things  and two gifts from my boyfriends mom and dad a wolf shirt and a wolf blanket which i love  well cause i love wolves since they are my totem and spirit guide and they are just all around pretty and awesome.


my friend  from cali was here in ohio for some family stuff and got to spend some time with her in her time here in ohio before she left today at 3 pm,got to spend four days with her but not back to back though but still four days with a few hours each day  mad her laugh and smile which is good, im gonna miss her after she leaves ohio for home but it was still great to see her and spend some time together with her.



i hope you all had an awesome xmaes  and yule, and i hope yall have a great new year and hopefully i will see you all in the new year and hopefully it will be an awesome new year with some awesome times that will come along with it








brightest blessings,



























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