Hello Dearies,


it has been a little bit since my lost post has it not (2 weeks no less) i really need to stop waiting so long between posts dont i? life has been a little weird/crazy around here since my boyfriend got sick, Dont worry he is healing for the time being hopefully he is feeling better, Like anyone else he has his good days and bad days even when we are sick. he truly does mean alot to me, if it wasn’t for him and a few friends I would be so lost right now. But im stalling with an update on my life right now, Ahh the brain what a wonderful thing that makes think,think, think and think some more, True for most people then others always analytical, so always thinking looking at every angle. We all know some one like that in our lives, Even we might be that person.


But today that’s not what this post is about. As you might have guessed from the title its about the show charmed. Thats right folks im gonna be talking about that lovely wonderful wiccan/pagan/witchy show charmed. As of today, I finally finished all 8 seasons of charmed even though i have only seen the finale once before it still makes me sad to see it now after it went of the air the first time.

It was and forever will be my favorite show and i know one day the show will be like my own book of shadows that i will pass down to my kids  just only as a show  some of the lessons in some of the episodes make good talking points and makes you reflect and see simaler things  in your own life and take from them whatever you can. I think that’s why i like the show so much, I guess as i was growing and reading within the same path as the sisters on the show ( and yes i do know whats on the show is fiction and i do know the difference trust me) that i was growing with the sisters as well just a bit differently and with different books.


I know  everything is not like the movies or the tv shows that are on now-a-days, but charmed was on of those one shows that always stuck with me over the years,giving me some kind of hope, that no matter what battles/struggles that we have in our lives, not matter the outer or inner turmoil that we maybe in our lives , that the end of each day there is always that hope for a new  and that much brighter day and that no matter what our dreams and wishes are, they will more then likely will come true and nothing can get the way to throw us off our game, All you really need is a little hope,faith, and a little touch of everyday magic that you make yourself  that helps you out along the way  plus you had family and really good friends to help guide you from time to time to see the real magic and the magic of hope and a new day brings despite all the darkness that is always around us every day.

Because all that really matters in this life is bring a light to the darkness and dispelling all the doubts ,fears, and hate that’s not just in our lives but in the world today, because I think we all have that inner light no matter what faith, path, or life phase we are in, We can make things better, make life better not only for ourselves but the world,because we are strong,smart and able enough to do so in this world of ours. All we have to do is believe in ourselves and have faith enough in ourselves to rise above that darkness and become the brightest light for all the good that is still left in this big, wonderful and Beautiful world of ours. I guess it all comes down to is Dream Big or go home really. Life is never fair, its hard, But its the overcoming all the hard and dark times we have in our lives and in the world to make it that much brighter.





Brightest blessings