Hello dearies,


Having a little bit of a down time right now, missing the old times and wondering were the hell they all went and everything like that.

watching sailor moon i miss it as much as i miss my man right now, i feel so old there are alot of old shows that i used to watch growing up : so weird,sailor moon, real scary stories, scariest places on earth, big wolf on campus,s club 7 in Miami, the old power rangers when they had the original cast and still good, the famous jett jackson,are you afraid of the dark and a few other good shows and that pretty much made my afternoons after school and on the weekends. And now fast forward a few years give and take a handful of good and bad shows and some really stupid shows that now make up what they call prime time, reality, and afternoon,after school type shows.

what happened to the really good shows that stood for something, that taught us to believe in our selves, giave us something to think about in the moment, made us ask questions and got us talk the next day to our firends and families about whats really imporant to us not only on the surface but deep down inside of us in our souls and what makes us who we are? What has happened to real friendship, true and real love in this day in age? have we all become so jaded in our adult lives that we lost some or all of our childlike inccont that we forget to see the real magic in all things around us? like the magic of the woods , the magic and song that the wind makes in the trees and how one song could make our whole that much better or that one song or time in our lives that defined our whole world in that space in time? where did that go?

God, How I miss that time, I really do life just sucks without that childlike wonder sometimes when you can just take a momment, breathe and just look at the world and not see the hate, and other stuipd things that fill this world that makes it look ugly and just see the pure and wonderus beauty in this world of this world that, we all had once when we were young.



I dont know dearies i get like this sometimes but right now its a little bit worse right now and i dont know why though  maybe its just me




Brightest blessings