Hello dearies,


Hells Bells, It feels like its been forever since i posted anything, Im so sorry for the delay in both of my blogs. I have gotten a little lazy and life has been a little weird too. Well today is Friday folks and there is gonna be a full moon and its almost time for sahmain for us wiccans and pagans and i still haven’t done any planing for the dumb supper that i would like to do and still haven’t gotten any candy for next weekend since Halloween its on Thursday  and trick or treating is gonna be on Saturday the 26th  which is next weekend and im starting to doubt that there is gonna be any tick or treaters and its gonna bum me the hell out cause when me and my boyfriend where at the town home this time last year It was WAY to cold for any trick or treaters and it kind of sucked really.


Well my boyfriend is in the hospital right now and i really miss him, he went in on Tuesday and he has been there ever since because he has pnomaina i hope he is alright, i havent called him yet  im kind of scared to for the mere fact that i don’t want to find out that he got worse  or somethings else  happened. im scared that he is gonna die young and that im gonna be without him and that i will be alone again in this world  that frightens me to no end, I have dealt with death in my life but when it comes to my boyfriend im gonna be a total wrack and if he does die young a part of me will die with him and all color will leave the world  when he goes.


I just love him so much, and i hate seeing him in any pain what so ever and i hate it  when he is sick,he is a part of my everything really, Its like he is my whole world but not fully my whole world  because i do go out and do things with without him and i have my own things that are totally separate from him and everything like that. I think its because  is that he means so much to me and everything like that  and i would be so lost without him  there beside me always making me laugh and smile and i really don’t know what i would do if he wasn’t there  doing that and bring  some light and his a lot of his love for me  into my life. Its hard to explain fully how much i love him and how much he really means to me and i feel that he is my other half  that makes me whole  or as whole as i can be cause he and i are still both growing and learning  with everything that is thrown at us and that is put into our path not only as a couple but as individuals as well.



Well Dearies, Thats it for now, well , at least for today, I hope you all have a very wonderfull weekend and a very blessed full moon today, watch out for those loons 🙂





Brightest blessings