Still up,And still reading like always

Hello dearies back again with another post ,



Welp still up at this late hour of 10 pm, lol but its ok but atleast its for my other blog that im doing all this reading for hopefully the next few post will go well and not be much of a hashle for me  even with finding things to write about and everything and all that good stuff.

Even though i have already gotten a few books from the library on the paranormal its a little hard to pick one and just read it when there are so meany good choices and everything, So i just decided to pick the first Haunted ohio books by chris woodyard, since i do know about the books and owning the  fourth book myself it seems to be a very good pick thus far.


I have never gotten the chance to read the first three books and started with the fourth book that always seems to be a trend with me like always, I dont know i guess uts kind of easy for me to pick something up half way in with  books and everything, i know in some areas of life thats not a good thing but with books it seems to work out all right, but then again these books deal with the paranormal cant really go wrong with anyway lol.


Tonight is just one of those night i might be able to go to sleep right away  like say at 10 pm but since its a saturday night i really dont need to go to bed at a set time  since i dont belong to any church that has a building  that goes with that religion and i  kind of pefer it that  myself since im not the cruch going type unless its outside  with nature and its dealing with wicca, yeah im weirdo  but i guess in most cases nature is my church, and im just happyer that way  about it. to each their own i guess.

Since im useing this time to take a break from all my reading and everything i had to look something for one of my next paranormal moon posts to check out how old one of the buildings  that well be in one of the next posts is. i need to be up to date on this stuff whoo for being up to date even though i have a few old school tastes when it comes to stuff, like some of  the music i listen is ,well some of it , is older then me and others are younger then what i am or just about the same age that i am  now. which seems a little odd to me really, but who isnt a little odd anyways  yay oddness, lol yeah im a little tired and a few things are becoming a little funny to me right now as well.


And its almost  the first day of fall, im very happy that mabon is tomorrow for those of us who live in ohio and near ohio, i got some apple cider that will have my name and my moms name on it for tomorrow to welcome the first day of fall gonna give a little the big mama that we call nautre and mama earth  and just chill for the rest of the day.


Welp i gots to get back to my reading before i decide to call it quits for the night. i hope you all have a very blessed mabon. blessings to you and yours this coming mabon, may the lord and lady bless you with all you need 🙂 blessed be my brothers and sisters of the craft and to all those that do not walk our path but along the same path that we call life 🙂




Brightest blessings













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