My Dark-Hunter love song

Hello again dearies,

What can i say or sing to you priases of the latest Dark-hunter novel book that i just had to have a very wonderful chance to read all because of my local library, Thats right dearies  “Styxx” by  sherrilyn kenyon came out this month on the 3ed and the dayon library just happened to have for me to get my gruby little hands on and  just only finished it yesterday and it only took me five days to take down this honking 836 page book.

“styxx” is abdarhunter 001out ash’s twin brother and let me tell you what dearies i love this book as much as the other 13 books that i have read and own by sherrilyn kenyon thats right i have books 10-22.  This is a really good book and its brand spanking new too, its about 20 bucks for hard back in the stores but if you cruise on over to its about 7.88 which is alot cheaper then its hard back cover.


These Dark-hunter books are my thing besides music,wicca, and the paranormal, It kind of sounds like thats all im into right not but thats not the case i swear to you swing by your local library and pick up the dark-hunter novels and you will fall in love with them  but these books are not for your little ones or teenagers unless you think your teens can handle it.


there are funny,tearful and everything in between moments, Dont judge styxx so harshly from what you have already read about him in the other books, i know i misjudged styxx myself based on  ash’s story but now i get and understand styxx alot better now.

this book is awesome its a very good read





Brighest blessings












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