Hello dearies,



just got done runing around in this god aweful heat it is so fliping warm outside its not even funny at all what so ever.



besides that working on my next post for paranormal moon, and everything like that  its gonna be a meaty post this time around plus a few littler posts that i have already looked up and find info on and put on one of my pages (which is a paranormal page i still have more to put on the page both the page and the blog and gonna be connected since i just started the blog which it will be nice to have them together now yayness)



kisses was such a good girl today she had her first vist to the vet today  and she is in good standing besides the whole worm thing and she got a shot for that and she is a little but under her ideal weight and the vet said to get her weight up a little more  which i have no probs with feeding her 3 times a day now when i have only been feeding her twice today and a half a can of wet food at lunch time.


she is such a sweet cat i love her so much. thats about it for today everyone, until next time






brightest blessings