my arse is draging today

Hello dearies,



ugh, my arse is so dragging today y’all,  and its only saturday, only two weeks till the frist day of autumn and 7 weeks and 5 days till shamain, it just blows my wiccan mind that all of it is so close and everything like that  its so crazy dearies


i have already gotten two out of the 6 items i would like to have for all hallows eve for trick or treating (not that im gonna go out and beg for candy but thats besides the point really ) i have an orange wig and orange tentalce thingie headband that lights up, i would like to have a mask maybe black or white and black to go with the hair, black or orange wings and black and orange striped tights that will fit me for my coustme  i know it sounds so compltaied when its all typed and everything.



But in  all reallity its a very smiple and basic coustume choice  and im love the choice already  i really want to go as the demon simi from the Sherrilyn Kenyon  dark-hunter books, simi is ash’s demon daughter from the books


simi and her arki ash   this photo is of simi (left) and her arki ash (right) and simi is the one i want to go as she changes her hair to mach her arki’s hair…………………….and i know way to much lol this is what i get when i read the dark-hunter books over and over and over again, my old copy of the dream-hunter book has seen better days  and it was the paperback version of it and the same goes with my copy of the dark side of the moon copy (also in paperback though i have two copys (hard and paperback)





this is simi in her tattoo form









Ash’s mom, Apollymi altain goddes of death she is awesome wants to kill the greek race of gods and goddess (sploier alret which she does do cause she gets carged and shit )




the book about ash’s life and that is his symbol






DarkHuntersHeader ash (left) and simi (right)






and the most kick ass woman who started it all Sherrilyn Kenyon











thats it for me  dearies  and this is hat i get for over sharing lol until next time dear ones








brightest blessings















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