hello dearies,


today is going by so slow and my brian doesnt want to think let alone wake up. Ugh, Sorry to say dearies im getting a bit discougrae  about opening up my own shop i finally took the frist step and got three different books about starting a business  and ive barely made a crack at reading the frist book and im already feeling iffy about and feeling that i may not get the chance at having a shop and losing hope  already and i have barely even started.Ugh i think that im just  freaking myself out for no reason and i just need to calm my mind and read more of the books that i got the other day,


today is just a blahish day really im wishing for rain and it still hasnt come which kind of sucks cause its gonna be up in the 90s this week and has gotten up to that mark  twice this week. Can we tell that im tried and that im not with it today.



sorry that this post is gonna be so short













brightest blessings