craving a little bit of H.I.M’s old sound,aww the good old days

hello there dearies,


Back again after posting my moving day omg post  10 days ago. having a bit of an old school H.I.M moment im really missing their older sound that they had when love metal and darklight came out, Im really not having their newer sound that they have had the last two cds, i must say i am not a fan of those last two cds. I know im gonna get some flack from H.I.M fans that have become H.I.M fans from the last two cds or even  before the screamworks  cd, you know what i really dont care Ive been a fan since darklight  and the sound that they had then i loved it  then and i still love it now  9 years later.

Call me old school but the sound from darklight and the other cds leading up to the making of darklight  are very wonderful cds and to darklight have proggesed quite well but after darklight and with the ecxpet of a few songs like the kiss of dawn and passions killing floor all have been very good up till then but after that has gone down hill from there.


I have a very strange mind and ear when it comes to music and when the cds dont flow from the last one to the next and the sounds dont match up or differ just a little bit it just sounds awful, because from their last cd to darklight went from how the last cd was to the sound of darklight very well and and it sounded like they grew from the last cd and just changed a few key things and it differed from the last cd  and it was great  well at least to my ears it did for the most part but thats what i think i really dont know what other H.I.M fans think  about all of the cds. I still see H.I.M as the band with the heartagram and all cap letters of the bands name not what they are doing now with the heartagram and the band name.



i guess im funny that way  really. its like with the 69 eyes i love their cd back in blood i havent even heard x yet their music has progessed quiet nicely





yeah im a silly






Brightest blessings











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