moving day..OMG!!!!!

hello there dearies,



it has been FOREVER since i last posted anything, alot has changed since then,

Our lease is up at arlinitgion  at the end of this month which is very very very soon, moving day is this week, moved our furbaby today  doing up clothes at my moms right and my furbaby is hiding out and im starting to feel bad for leaving her and going home after the clothes are done i just love my fur baby so much and i dont like leaving her alone to much when she is in a new place and everything. And i have been getting the urge to get a nose ring and its driving me crazy.


*sigh* the stress is just way to much and its just gonna be me and my boyfriend moving everything and thats gonna be really rough since it is gonna be just the two of us doing this. And i havent been feeling fully in touch with my witchyness and im starting to think that something is really really wrong with me because of it. And i have been smoking more because of the stress of moving and the stress from the whole witchy thing, im scared, worried, feeling lost, and i dont know what to do really .




call me crazy but i feel like everything is slowly going downhill/going downhill very fast and im caught in the whirl wind and i feel like im stuck and im just standing there watching it happen and not doing a god damn thing to lift a fucking finger to stop or  doing anything to at least to stop the bottoming out of everything. it makes no sense what so ever to me  and i am in need of some advice




i do know things will be better and will look up in the long run , and in the short trem, and that this is only a transction preiod for both me and my boyfriend but im just scared about it and stressing myself out and losing sleep because of the stress




brightest blessings











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  1. Please do keep posting (when you have time!), we’ve always thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you do harvest successfully from the personal seeds you have sown this year. Lammas-tide blessings to you….Holland & Flannery, SRTB.


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