dirty clothes,staff/woodworking and the paranormal.

Hello dearies,


its been about a full week since my 27th birthday, Yeah im one of those types of women who doesn’t care who knows my real age. Right now im chilling at my mom’s doing up clothes and working on my future staff for my wiccan workings and watching the haunted on netflix.


the episode im on someone got bite by a negative being,  i’ve been done that road before myself  i’ve gotten clawed b4 and yeah its a little scary  but whatever that did that to me got dealt with right away but thats only one side of the paranormal and its something you shouldnt be playing with or jump into with very little knowledge  and just to do it as a hobby. yeah i know i sound like many people who say that its just not a hobby type thing, Cause if you are gonna do that just as a hobby be very careful and read up on it. I may dip my toes into the paranormal pool from time to time well i do more the just dip my toes most times, at least i do have some idea of what im getting myself into and protect myself from having anything try to attach itself to me.



I guess that the whole paranormal thing with me is more then just a hobby, in a way it kind gets into your veins  and becomes a part of who you are  and with how open i am and how long i’ve been able to see these things. i know that there alot of people in this world who think im off in the head for saying that i can see things, but how i see it i could and can help people who are like me who can see things or hear things by helping and sharing my stories  can really help people.


ok well time to c/s,welp its been taking me a little while to work on my staff thats still hiding withn the big branch that my mom and i found about a year or two ago but its coming along now since my mom has gotten better tools and everything and im liking how its looking and how its coming along now with the tools and all and plus with me working in it and making it my self is gonna make even more spcail to me not only as a wiccan but as a person also cause it feels rather awesome when you can make something yourself :-). im enjoining the path that working on my staff is taking me its rather fun.



i also had a good birthday i spent it with my mom, and my boyfriend.it was fun fun.




until the next post



brightest blessings













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