Hello there dearies,


just feeling better today thankfully but  my week started out all icky, I got sick two day’s in  a row which is the worst ever  totally  bites, there are only two reasons as to why i got sick those two days.

One the weather, which has always been kind of a pain for me this time of year cause of the heat and stuff, or it could be my top tooth on my left side that needs to be removed really badly that caused me to get sick, hopefully it might be that tooth cause i love the summer :-D.

yeah im a dork , but i am feeling better today just taking it easy right now watching shake it up, finished watching good luck charlie. Haven’t fully finished watching  charmed yet made it to the 7th season and i really don’t want to finish watching it because i’m not to fond of the 8th season, yeah not to happy with the 8th season.


but all the other season were fairly good it feels like the 7th and 8th they were grasping for straws. i still love that show though .







brightest blessings