Hello there dearies,

It is a very pretty day out there. So recently I’ve started fresh with my B.O.S (book of shadows). It feels good to do so, it’s weird though but in a very good way though, it’s kinda like I’m finding myself again and what I love about Wicca.

I think part of the reason why I’m updating my B.O.S is to keel my mind and my hands busy during this past week and this upcoming week after this weekend is because of the fact that our roommate is leaving after this weekend and I plan on keeping myself busy so I don’t become a mental basket case of emotions. But in a way it’s helping me to reconnect and return to my wiccan roots of sorts.

I’m mainly working on a few spells I’ve found online and a few pantheons that I feel that I connect too in some way, shape or form. Right now I’m working on the Norse pantheon I’ve already dealt with the Greek pantheon since I’ve felt connection to since a young age, pretty much since I can really remember.

Other than that not much is really going on right now.

Brightest blessings