Nothing new here

Hello there dearies,

Nothing new here to really talk about, at least for now ;-).
Hopefully you my dearies are having a good week so far it is only Tuesday here in Ohio well at least for now it is almost midnight and almost a brand new day but not yet though.

The only thing that’s new that’s going on in my life is that it’s been almost a full month since the passing of my grandfather, life has become a routine again, and that my hair is red again, not the OMG in your face red that it normally would be,a very subtle red thankfully, I know that may sound bad even coming from me because I’m normally the chick with the crazy colored hair in my family and normally standing out in my own way I would gladly take.

Now not so much anymore, I guess I really need to take some time to breathe again for once to maybe be a little bit subtle for maybe a month or two or maybe until I hate the red again and be bored with it.

Ok dearies it’s come that time where I must be going off to la la land and sleep the lids are getting a bit heavy.

Brightest blessings




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