hello dearies,


Finally,  the sun shows its sunny face, April showers have come  and there are very warm days to come and have been around since almost the start of this month. im so happy that its finally starting to warm up here in ohio, cause this cold weather was draging me down. on tuesday the heat started up and we had to turn on the ac this past tuesday.


i guess im weird im happyer when its warm and sunny out and when its rain i love me some summer thunder stroms. i cant wait till next month and the pool that is in the place that we live in opens up its gonna be so much fun i cant wait for it.


im gonna have a blast this summer :-). im such a dork butt but its all cool here. today is been raining some until a few minutes ago it was very light  it was heavy for at least 3 mins a little bit ago now its light again i wish it would just go ahead and let loose. you know what they say April showers bring may flowers i want some April thunder storms 🙂