Hello dearies,

Today is another one of those days  where my buttons are getting pushed and my patience is warning thin. Get I so dislike these kind of days so badly I wish they never happen.

I’m tired, my tooth has twinged randomly today but thankfully  it was very slight. I really need to get my teeth checked out sooner rather than later before I start really having more pain then what I’m having right now.

Well it’s midnight and it’s now a new day and New stresses to be dealt with, hopefully they will be  very minor stresses. One can only hope for the best right now.

I’m glad that my boyfriend will have the day off and that I will get to spend  some time with him, and maybe get a few things done and paid. 

Besides the stress of yesterday is starting to ease now that I’m in the comfort of my own bedroom and I don’t have to deal with my roommate and their child I can simply be me and chill out and veg out for a little bit before I go to bed.

As to why is was very,very annoyed at the start of the post,my roommate’s child wanted to use my phone to call a gift card that they had found since they had found it again in their bedroom, what they failed to realize that it was close to 11:30pm and wanted to take my phone up to their bedroom and call it. It’s like I’m sorry but you should have thought of that before during the daytime hours. The child  has forgotten to give me my phone back before and I was chilling and messing with my kindle before coming to bed.

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through all of this an  Sometimes I think I do this unconsciously to learn something from it. But it’s like sorry I don’t spend all my time staying up all night like the roommate does. I need my sleep and I also need to be up during the daytime because that’s when places are open.there are a few places that are around the town home that are open 24 hours but yeah most of the time I’m asleep alot of the Time before 11 pm  unlike right now sing  I’m still up and it’s midnight here in Ohio .

Well I’m about to pass out typeing this.I need my beauty sleep I guess. I’m sorry that I’m all venty and a touch bitchy right now.

Brightest blessings