Really starting to hate Tuesdays

Hello dearies,

Ugh I’m starting to hate Tuesdays. Laundry is taking much longer to do now and I’m not getting home until much layer then 8 or 9 at night.

I didn’t get much sleep last night my poor boyfriend got sick I love him so much so I stayed up for a little bit after getting him  the trash can  from our upstairs bathroom around 3 am. My poor boyfriend but at least he was feeling better after he ate some saltines and slept for a little bit.

Ugh, all I want to do right now is crawl into my bed and get some sleep. I did finish watching bones today on Netflix. Took me a little bit to get through all 7 seasons that were on Netflix. I started on wizards of Waverly place after watching bones I was and still am in the mood for something less morbid. And that reminds  me I still have to watch the movie selena for the singer that the movie was made about, since I already watched the secret of the roan inish,and the crow.

The reason why I watched the secret of roan inish is for st Patrick’s day since the movie does take place in Ireland and it’s about slekies, and  the crow for Brandon Lee in his honor since he died while making the movie and died within the month of March,and I do the same for the movie selena since she also died in the same month as Brandon Lee but about a year later then Brandon in 1995,

Yeah I’m a little bit weird for doing it like that to remember them both in the way that I do.

Brightest blessings




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