Hello dearies,



Well ostara has come and gone for another year again, But with the spring  doing its thing. And with the whole saying ” spring has sprung” Where the hell is the spring part at ?!?.


Fuck that shit, where the fuck is spring she sure didnt fully  sprung this year and this 35 degree weather is slightly killing me here. the high today is gonna be 32, Really?!?!?! what the fuck?


but i have a cute cat laying next to me  who just happens to be in heat  and she is just sleeping and twitching her little tail because she is happy. Crazy cat, i dont understand why this cat likes me as much as she does but its all cool though


not much is really going on today really besides the fact that its snowing and the cat is in heat yet again very skow and boring here today really




Brightest blessings