hello dearies,


So sorry that i havent posted in awhile i have had a kind of weird/busy month this month. At the start of this month my grandfather died which totally sucks big time. im still dealing with that and its been about a week and a half since he passed away at the start of this month



We are looking for places to move to after the lease is up at the town home ostara is this week ( dont even have the alter set up for it either which also sucks)


with everything going this month im left feeling partly dead on the inside and fringing normalness for the rest of this month. and i think the last time i posted something was on the 24th of last month when i got my kindle fire hd( which is rather awesome if i do say so myself and btw i finally firuged out how to use the candler on the kindle took me about three weeks or less to get it right).


Other then that this month has been a very dull and slow month and it seems like everything is standing still and this weather we are having here in ohio going from warm in the upper 50s and 60s to being in the lower 40s and 30s it has snowed at least once  this month after the 50 and 60 type weather.


plus everything at the town home with the new roommate has become even more unbarely and  its just getting annoing for me because i feel like i cant be myself anymore let alone speak up. and thats part of the reason why our roommate might be moving sometime in may or june maybe a liitle bit sooner and the roommate is all like “oh i might be persude to stay until the lease is up” and all im thinking aww hell no sorry you are not staying if they stay i will lose my mind and blow sorry  not gonna happen if i want to keep my saneity and keep myself fully  being my self thats not gonna happen hopefully the roommate will save up the funds and find a place to go to when the time comes (sorry but i cant take anymore from the roommate and their bullshit and i left all that drama bullshit at my grandmothers and its not gonna contuie with the roommate).


i dont mean to rant and dumb all this here or put all this negtaive thinking out into the world  but i cant really talk to anyone i dont have alot of people to talk to and noone really knows whats going on with me as of late all but my boyfriend . Im just left feeling drained and dead on the inside because of the roommate  and it kind of feels like noone sees it or sees what is happening to me or what the roommate is doing to my well being by being there under my roof. I blame myself mainly because i said yes to them moving in and i should have really said was no but its whatever now.



I will be happyer when it comes time for the pool to open at the place that we ar at now cause i will be able to go swimming and just chill at the pool and be me and relax and be my normal self





brigtest blessings