hello dearies,


have any of you had that feeling that the life that you are living at this very moment doesn’t even feel like it’s even fully real ? like you are a just a shell full of bones,muscles, and organs,and all that is holding you’re spirit/soul here is that shell?



I was feeling  just that, it scares me that I feel like that sometimes & I don’t know what causes me to feel that way. It kind of creeps me out and scare me as well. it happens sometimes but not all the time.


I don’t know what causes it fully nor do I fully understand it or what it’s under lineing reasons are that cause this feeling to spur up at random Times during the year  and whats weird is that i feel that this only happens to me.




I wish i could under stand it fiurge it out some how so it will stop.have  guys and gals

ever felt that way  in the past ,?




brightest blessings