Hello dearies,


at home in the townhouse and everyone is sleeping except for me, ive been up since 8 am couldnt sleep much longer. Im finally doing a post from the comfort of my own bedroom in my home. Even though it doesnt feel much like my home anymore.


Sometimes it may hurt to breathe around here but other times…. well its easyer to do so like when everyone is asleep. Its hard for me to talk to people about how i really feel about things i hold everything in i need to stop doing that i really do.


the past few days it has been easyer to just breathe. I’ve been anxious the past few days wondering if a few people where gonna get their returns from  doing their taxes and hopeing things will work out for them and for the best and it seems like things are pulling together for the frist time in  almost 3 months here at the townhome.


i know good things are coming but its taking its good sweet time to come and im painetly waiting for it  as much as a person/witch can. Well tomorrow is gonna be one of those good days i get to spend time with my mom.


Oh i finally got to see a movie called girl vs monster its very good i like it alot so something good did happen today and icant wait for tomorrow either and im hoping today will go by fast so i can go to sleep and it will be sunday and all lol yeah im a little bit of a dork and all


here is to good things to come for us all this year.





brightest blessings







thepinkwitch 😀