hello there dearies,


Well would you look at that tile up there a noon wake up time. Blahtatisc I need to start going to bed at a dencet time so i dont wake up at noon  and it also doesnt help that my boyfriend got a phone call at that time it was a phone interview  and he had it set up for 2 pm today. Getting a little trigger happy there fellas calling at noon  maybe they wanted to get  a head start.


But other then that and my body going welp since you are up you gonna stay up for the rest of the day since you have been sleeping in  you’ve been bad doing that the day waits for noone not even me. I sear this new year has me all fuckered up  making my sleeping time all jackered up too lol (yes im making up my own words but hey im a touch slap happy Though i shouldnt be slap happy).


Well ive already told you all that i was made an admin of a really awesome page  late last month  things have been going well with that and im still sunning my three other pages myself and here i go thinking about making another one  i think i just might combine my two yourtube pages for my channels into one  but maybe i shouldnt do that because my second channel is about wicca  and all.




Well my idea for a new page is this: i make it a paranormal/haunted americas and eupore thing and i post things about hauntings by state here in the usa and by counties from across the pond im still thinking about making the page but im not sure if i should make the page or not.



but who knows  i may make the page  but i still dont know though what do you all think  about it ? Do you all think i should make the page and have people submt in their own stories and photos?


cause thats what i was thinking about letting people do with the page letting them submit in things to add to it


let me know what you think




Brightest blessings