Hello there Dearies,


Another new year has  come and gone again ( sorry i havent posted like i said i would but life happens when you are making other plans). Its the new year and its time for a new person to emgre form the old person that we were last year and its also time for new beginnings this year too.


There is now snow on the ground  from this past year and holiday season thank the gods and goddess for that. ( i used to dislike snow but i was so so looking forward to it  last year and i still am). Yeah im a little bit of a dork but thats a given it seems like in the past year i have ben put in almost every blog i post that im a dork  which has been a few of those ( weird huh?)


but just last month something rather cool happened to me.. I was made an admin on a page on facebook. That i was not excepting i only asked what the page looked for in admin and the manger of the page   im on facebook  and told me what they were looking for and what the rules were. so  i am now a contecreateor  admin on that page plus still runing the three pages i had already started before hand  so i can now bring  what i am learing from the page i was added to as an admin to my other pages so it will help me out in the long run really 🙂



I hope everyone that reads my blog/follows this blog had a merry christmas,yule,and a happy new year.



Brightest blessings