You know you are a deep when

Hello dearies,

Ok so you know I am such a derp so totally forget to blog yesterday and the day before that and on Wednesday like I said I would but wowsa it’s been crazy this week.

It was pouring like cats and dogs the other day off and on I might add and today there’s snow on the ground wtf?!? Mother Nature has lost her mind she makes no sense what’s so ever and it’s windy as hell yesterday and today as well.

Just wow for ya just wow. Even now typing this up I can hear that wind just a blowing so hard. I’m not gonna say what I’m thinking about the power cause it might just happen if I say out loud. Cause you all know how that works you say it out loud and sometimes whatever you said happens. Yeah that happens with me it seems a lot sometimes but lately it hasn’t thank The Lord and lady for that right there.

Well today is Yule for us wiccans and pagans and the world is gonna end today at 12 pm tonight yeah right like that’s gonna happen. If its gonna happen it would have already and that’s how I think it’s like ok well holy hell the world is still here welp no need to get my panties in a twist over it.

It’s just that I don’t care what others believe when the world ends it doesn’t bother me at all what so ever. How I see its just well if the world is ending wouldn’t it be a little bit more dramatic wouldn’t Mother Earth want to go out with a bang of sorts or show that she was ending to us in some sense or are we a bit to derpy to notice such things ?

I really don’t think so but if the world was gonna end well it would have been ages ago cause the Mayans didn’t know about leap years and such so hey guess what who loves ya baby? That good old leap year does lol

That’s just what I think though and how I feel about it. If the world ends tonight best of luck to everyone in this lifetime. I hope to see you all in the next one. And if the world doesn’t end ill blog ya tomorrow and I will too cause I will have lots to blog about too :-).

Hope to see you all then

Brightest blessings




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