hello there dearies,



welp yule is almost upon us again (this week in fact) and of course its that time of year again for the all might Christmas shopping rush ( i can attest to that, driving around the mall area today with my mom was a bitch!). Simce Christmas is next week and yule this week so it might be a good time to make a blog for these next two weeks  for every day for these upcoming weeks until Christmas ( lets hope i can come up with something for the rest of this week and next week too lolol) and of course i will be posting ( at least trying to post) everyday from Christmas to new year ( if the world doesnt go bye bye by then lol im kidding i really dont believe in the world ending on yule)


But surprisingly enough my fellow wordpressers I have been blogging on wordpress for 1 year as of today welp thats just awesome sauce*does a happy  dance*. But then i was just a newb to wordpress and still wondering what i was gonna blog about or where i will get ideas from well i guess i found the ideas or whatever it was that kept me going on here for this long and finding things to keep this blog interesting for you guys and gals as well  i guess im doing a good job of that from some of the comments i have gotten from  others outside and here on wordpress.


this is rather cool for me  and yeah im a little bit of a dork. But at least with the coming shopping rush for the holidays and all i got what i needed to get for my boyfriend (lets hope he will like it) and lets hope we will be able to get a tree for the holiday too and a wrath  lets hope.


I will keep you posted about the tree and wrath for the door and other things like that and all :-). hope to blog to you all soon


have a merry yule and happy holidays from thepinkwitch



Brightest blessings