hello dearies


Im getting quite sick of always having others around ( with the exception of my boyfriend i really dont mind him being around me) but its the others im starting to have a problem with right now. Its like i like being alone most of the time and having the townhome to myself when my boyfriend is working


its getting annoying really that i cant even do any videos,make a post on here, play a game on facebook, let alone watch a video on youtbe without getting asked what im doing but the other people who live with us  im sorry im getting sick and tired of them looking over my shoulder and asking what the hell im doing  its like well what does it look like im doing dumbass. I know its just a simple question but it gets annoying and it seems like im always on edge when they are around me and it feels like they( well at least with the older roommate since the other one is our older roommate’s kid.) are always judgeing me on what i do on MY laptop.




Its like look im sorry that you hate technology but the people that they live with (my boyfriend and i) are into technology. Its like you dont have to deal with it on a daily bases my boyfriend and i do since we are always online and always trying to find ways to keep the town home for at least another month or till the end of the damn lease. And our roommate wants to talk about tolerance and acceptance of others. Well the older roommate is doing a really shitty job of it if they cant even  have tolerance and acceptance of how my boyfriend and i try to find jobs on the technology that the roommate seems to hate .



Its like the roommate doesnt think about how in this day and age its technology that helps us  stay social with the world and its social sites. What i dont get is that the roommate was the one who asked  if they could make a facebook profile. Its like why you dont even like technology. It pisses me off a little bit because my mom is older then our roommate and my mom is more into technology, has an ipod,has a laptop,a facebook profile, youtube channel and a tablet.  So its a no brianer really  we wouldn’t have any of this stuff if it was for technology. Shit i have two youtube channels three different profiles on three different sites and an ipod its like um hello must mean i like technology to have all that  and  two profiles on job sites  this is just how this world works and our roommate seems to fail when seeing it that way its like if you want to be social then go to out if you want to be that social is what i really would like to say to our roommate.




its kind of bad that i have gotten so use to being alone at the town home and much would rather have it back that way again but I dont get what i would like to have i get what i dont want  and im always the one who gets judged by people looking down their noses at me. And it sucks really.




Right now its whatever and  im sorry that im unleashing all this  onto you guys its just that i dont have anyone outside of my boyfriend that i can talk too besides my mom.




Brightest blessings