Not myself (nov 17th 2012)

Hello dearies,



Lately as you all know that I’ve not been myself. Im not happy I havent been  since late october. You all know that im  normally a pretty happy person and not all that sad or anything like that.




But now that’s all changed I feel like i can get no reilf from it unless im upstairs in my boyfriend and mine  bedroom or when im at my moms doing up drity clothes. I’ve noticed that change here recently.



I have  a slight clue where these feelings are coming  from. I wish it would stop and that the person in question that i think is causing  it would get smart and stop asling me with their emotions  cause its getting  very annoying and very mold very fast. And i really cant tell this person anything because they might take it the wrong way and go off  so im stuck between a rock and a hard place




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