Hello there dearies,


It is  chilly this Wednesday morning after freezing my feet off during my am smoke ( I’m still wearing my pink flip flops at this time of yr in Ohio). For about the past month now ( at least  for october) i  have been  listening to this awesome podcast on my ipod.


For any apple ipad/ipod/iphone user and gets the podcasts feature on the product  look for the podcast called anything ghost hosted by lex wahl. He accepts paranormal experiences from his listeners. You can email in or record your experiences and send them into him. I love his show alot and i give him an A++.


I think this show would be a great podcast for any person who is into the paranormal and is always on the go or has their own experiences and feels that they dont or cant share  their experiences with others who may think them crazy. This podcasted show is the place for you. Lex does a very good job to make his listeners feel welcome and safe free from judgemet. I highly suggest this podcast to anyone who has  that paranormal spark for all things spooky





Brightest blessings