Long time no writeing/youtubeing

Hello dearies,


well I’m back again after about almost a month my last post was last month on the 19th and my last YouTube post was two weeks ago i haven’t been YouTubeing  or writing  it seems like forever and im sorry about that  life has been keeping me busy. I have been looking for work on the normal job sites.

I have only had two job interviews thus far i have another one next week on monday  hopefully this will promising for me. Its been a little bit of a long time since i have been working about 6 yrs or so  and that’s mainly because  of schooling  keeping  my focus  for so long it seems like a long time.


i’m a little nervous about the interview on monday i just hope it goes well for me and things will work out and i get the job. I have stoped carrying my pink digtal cam with me every where  which is weird for me. i know why i stoped taking it everywhere with me its because this new laptop doesnt have an sd slot so i can upload the photos onto the laptop hopefully when i have a job and the funds i can get a laptop that has the sd slot so i can upload the photos hopefully it will be soon that i get a job.


im also thinking about selling avon again. im not sure about it though its like i want too but idk if i should or not if i do i hope i can make it work this time  and be a gd salesperson with it hopefully.


well i should start making dinner since its almost going on 6 pm here in ohio i will write later hopefully sometime tonight or tomorrow



Brightest blessings














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