ghostly saturdays

Hello dearies,


Chilling right now, Watching ghost adventures it may be reruns but i really dont care even though i have watched these episodes about 10 to 20 times already on youtube but anyways thats besides the point with me. I love the paranormal and i dont really need an excuse to re-watch these episodes lol but im a little bit of a dork anyway.


I’ve been drawing alot lately now and putting it up on my profile. I’ve gotten two done today so ever im working on my third one  and filling it with color i had to stop working on it because my fingers had started to hurt a  little bit. Over all today it has been a very good day  plus i am starting to get sleep and getting slap happy along with it. Yeah i make no sense at all what so ever.


I havent been sleep all that well the past few nights and i really cant figure out why. Plus with all this stuff going on with my best friend’s daughter and the daughter blowing up at my boyfriend and saying all this cruel stuff about him and her mom and then starting in on me because  her mom decided to stay until tomorrow then us taking her into work tomorrow night. Its like my friend’s daughter is 17 yrs old and should really know better then to blow up like that even at her mom because her mom is the adult and the daughter is not yet.


that drama from my friend’s daughter had me pissed off when she did it  and it alot of ways i kind of wish i could be raw and blunt on her  but i know thats really not my place to do so. My friend’s daughter really be starting drama when she her self doesnt like drama at all  and i dont get it really.


I dont know really I just hope things work out for the best in my friend’s daughter life so she can learn what she needs to learn in the most positive way thats best for her in her life right and that her life doesn’t take a dark turn and turn her bitter later in her life as an adult.




brightest blessings








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