hello dearies,


Its been awhile since ive posted anything.welp doing up clothes at my moms hopefully they well get done soon so i can get home and finish up the cleaning that me and my boyfriend started before i left and before he left. hopefully i will get it all done tonight before tomorrow because we have one of our friends coming over tomorrow to see our place because she hasnt seen it before since we have moved in and she may become a roommate.


so tomorrow will serve as a trial nite i guess. she will be alot better and wont leave if she gets scared or has a problem with something. im kind of tired right now but things got to get done before i go to sleep tonight. and hopefully i can get some artwork done tonight as well so yeah im gonna be a very busy witch tonight hopefully the cleaning will go well tonight and i get alot done before tomorrow and if not i will have a few hours tomorrow before our friend comes over. Lets hope i wont be to tired when i get home and i will take my time and make sure everything looks good and everything will be in its place and tidy.


I just hope i will be able to do all of it tonight or most of it tonight it will be tough i know i can do it.
I hope everyone had a merry mabon (first day of fall) i know i did. did a little ritual lite the altar. it was good. my boyfriend got a call for an interview yesterday for a place in beavercreek so hopefully he will get im staying postive. this job will make it where we can stay where we are at hopefully im keeping my fingers crossed for him and sending good energy his way 🙂




brightest blessings