just awesome and a bit of bad news.


Hello dearies,


well got home about an hour and a half ago from doing up all our dirty clothes at my moms. Feeling Tired  its like i want to go to sleep but really dont feel like going up stairs to sleep. So my mom is really awesome for the mere fact that she got me a new ipod touch with the cam on it. I lost my old one (or it got stolen from me. Either way i have a new one now ) im  re-downloading iTunes onto my mini  the big laptop kicked the bucket finally and iTunes is taking forever to downloading. Right now its at 30% of the way down right now.


Besides all of that our roommate  hasnt been at the townhome the past few weeks, for the mere fact of she doesn’t want to live here because of a few things so she jumped lease. But she talked to us about it and everything it sucks it really does but things can only get better from here  on out. Im keeping my fingers crossed that something good will come my boyfriend and mines way in the next few weeks. So hopefully things will be ok.


so yeah im a little bummed that we cant stay here after next month but i know everything will work out in the long run. Its just a bit stressing right now is all. we have also have our alter set up for this month as well and it looks rather awesome but thats what i think and it also smells like my friends shop in here now because of all the candles we have  and the 6 we got from my friend’s shop




Brightest blessings,






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