the missed and missing

hello dearies,


well, our roommate has been gone for three days now and  all we know is that she maybe at her moms where her mom lives. Im really scared right now, Im scared for our roommate.



I know she is our roommate and she can come and go as she pleases but is isnt normal even for her whatever normal is anymore. Hopefully She will show up from now and 1 pm tomorrow hopefully she is ok and she is doing ok. Tring so hard to stay positive on this but thats wearing very thin as the hours pass between right now and tomorrow.



im hopeing my wishes for her safety and her safe return home does not fall on deaf ears and the wishes that this will work out some how.



its  like im scared for her safety and im hopeing that she is all right andthat everything will work out some how . its just my boyfriend and i cant afford the rent on the town home by our selves and we need our roommates help with the rent and stuff



I dont know what to do relly aand im scared and confused i know that we need to file a missing persons report but my boyfriend wants to wait until 1 pm tomorrow, but it should have been done today tho and not tomorrow idk anymore and im scared








brightest blessings







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