Hello there dearies,


Its thepinkwitch back. Been cleaning the basement the last two days also been going thourgh a few of the boxes doing there  and seeing what can be kept and tossed.


havent been doing much of the tossing as of yet but got it done to three empty boxes that are not needed anymore now which is a good thing. I know i haven’t been posting the past few weeks but running a home is no easy thing.


Plus  the other reason why i havent been posting besides trying to take stuff into the basement and keeping up on dishes and since wednesday of last week losing my i-pod touch and looking for it this long.


Ive been worried about everything going on with the bills and other  stuff thats going on in my life that has been kind of rough on me  and the first two months here  is also very rouh too and i know it was  gonna be but its getting to me. i know my boyfriend said not worry about bills and that stuff but im gonna worry about it anyway.


Most days im good, But other days im not ok and all i want to do is just give up and break down. But i dont give up and break down  its just been a little tough with  everything going  on so far, I know its gonna get better  im just hope its gonna get better fairly soon and not be this rough next month as well.


maybe not being able to find my i pod is telling me not to worry so much and then maybe i will find my i pod hopfully.




Brightest blessings






thepinkwitch 🙂