Hello again dearies,


I have a couple of things on my mind and for some odd reason i don’t know what to do or say fully to this person that it concerns. Plus i don’t know how they will take it  or handle it if i word or say it wrong.


its kind of tough really knowing how someone will take something but i am legit worried about this person and their feelings hurt and i don’t want to see them hurt or get hurt by anyone they know even if it was from a young age or not.

Since this person has been craped on and screwed over in the past i dont want to seem them repeat or get hurt again. Pain is still pain there is this one line from one of the episodes of the tv show “the crow :stairway to heaven” (this show is what got me into the graphic novel by james o’barr aand the movie thats based on that) the line goes “the pain you make is equal to the pain you take”.

Sometimes that line seems so fitting in most cases. Like right now i dont think this person relizes  how much their friend’s friend is in pain because of the other friend’s idea and how much it is taking a toll on that person.


Its like im on the outside looking in and seeing what it is doing and idk what to do or say and how to word it right so the frist person gets it enough so that it
can be dealt with in an adult manner and noone will get hurt and friendships can be saved and not end in utter ruin